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SPARKX (Ink, Pencil, Watercolor, Digital)

Poster Series to help inspire young girls to pursue an interest in subject like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics AKA STEM.

On the Station "Athena" anything is possible.  In the world of Sparkx, we can achieve amazing things if we just support one another.

All It takes is a Spark!!!

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The people on Athena created a game based on traditional baseball rules to relieve stress outside of work.  This arena is virtual where players have the option to select or make their own enhancements. As an enhancement, this player chose a robotic arm because she lost her arm at a young age.  All the added equipment in this game is created and developed by you, the designer.  

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In this game you have to fight “the problem” which is the virtual warrior in front of you.  The antagonist in these simulations are not physically negative or aggressive in their demeanors because they are there to assist or advocate for the solution you are trying to achieve.  This can be a metaphor for possible fears, phobias or even situations related to real life, and everyday problems. You must acknowledge the problem to go on to the next level.

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This technology uses a lot of knowledge and is called Bess the Bionic Enhanced Support System.  She has multiple roles using both her brain and body. As a therapist she was taught to listen without judgement and to help people get over phobias, depression, loss, and relationships.  Her body is made of heavy duty material that allows her to lift and carry heavy objects. This character was based off Ghost in the Shell, Matrix, Almost Human and the AI named Sophia.

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Her space suit is equipped with advanced technology that allows her to work in this zero- gravity dome.  There are others working in this dome to help preserve life here on Athena.  Her gloves highlight the chosen plant to help her analyze, evaluate temperature, growth and development.  She is currently analyzing the oxygen output, carbon dioxide intake, and how much photosynthesis has occured.  

Role Model Poster.jpg

Role Model:


She uses measurements, geometry and physics to engineer a fashionable yet functional suit for the different types of field work.  Instead of forming a dress with a pattern, I used numbers to indicate that fashion involves math. The other numbers surrounding her are the calculations and measurements for the outfit she is wearing now. The suit that the botanist is wearing was also designed by her.

Excel Poster.jpg

X is for Excel.  


She excels beyond our type of music by projecting imagery with her jazz smooth beats. Her name is X and she can show up in your shuttle, or while studying plants, or while you orbit the nearby planet. You can compare her to a way cooler radio station with no commercials and doesn’t play the same songs over and over.

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