Kiana Kinchelow is a photographer and freelance illustrator based in Honolulu, Oahu. She graduated with a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR.

Head_In_The_Clouds 2.jpg

Her art plays with pastel, flora and fauna, and the female form, while also trying to incorporate independence, strength and identity with a touch of feminism. Whether it's photography or illustration, Kiana is heavily influenced by asian culture and the emotion color can convey. 

Kiana is interested in creating narratives using line, the human form, fashion, texture and the use of colorful pastels.  She explores concepts of women empowerment, identity, and the theory of aesthetics.

Her art is inked based using line and texture, incorporating traditional and digital tools, with a Pop of Pink!  Her work has been described as sweet, bold, vibrant, and energetic.


When she’s not illustrating she is watching the newest Korean drama or discussing how to survive a  zombie apocalypse. 

Kiana can’t wait to work with you!!!!  She is open to email inquiries for commercial, editorial, gallery exhibitions, and other creative projects.

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